Shreenathji is a reincarnation of Krishna. In a rare and little known form of devotion- called Seva (servitude) in tradition of Pustimarg. In this tradition devotees play host to the child God, and cater to him as a special member of the family, one that needs attention and pampering here he is treated not as a idol but as a living entity. Add to this that he is a celebrity of sorts, and needs to meet his many followers, and we have the perfect setting for a game. The object is to choose his clothes, jewellery and food to the best of your understanding all the while making sure he is comfortable and able to awe his worshippers.
Choose items of clothing and jewellery from the scrolling menu on the left of the screen. Look to the right of the screen for a description of the 'Darshan'. A 'Darshan' is a time of visitation, when Shreenathji is ready to meet his worshippers. Your task is to get Him, Radha and his gaumata ready and make sure he has eaten his time appropriate snack. Keep an eye on the Match Meter.